Third Time is NOT Charming

Once more I’ve contracted strep pneumonia. This is getting to be a (bad) habit—third time in seven months. It doesn’t become easier with practice. Yesterday was a stark reminder of why they hospitalized me last time. And today I feel as limp and washed out as a Motel 6 towel.

Fortunately I’m able to stay out of the hospital and self-medicate with three different drugs. As always, my family continues to support me in my addiction. They are quite the enablers.


7 thoughts on “Third Time is NOT Charming

  1. Arghh! Well, I guess you will know all there is to know about strep pneumonia?!
    Is one of your 3 meds wine? ;o Just wondering (hee hee).

    I had a CT today with the gallon of barium and the iv of dye (talk about a weird feeling)… apparently, my pancreas is unhappy and we hope to find out why. Just for the record- the wine on Thurs was the first time I’ve had such in @ a year (so we can’t blame it for cranky pancreas).

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