Becoming Holey

What makes a hole a hole? What is the essence of holey-ness? In a word, absence. Something must be missing in order to create a hole. What belongs is gone, leaving a noticeable gap.

Holes appear in the fabric of life when something or someone is torn out. Your health goes south; your hairline recedes north; your job migrates east; your better half moves west—without you.

This absence can be planned and neat—like a buttonhole—or unexpected and ragged—like a bullet hole. Kids grow up, move out, and start their own families—buttonhole. A spouse or child dies—bullet hole.

Holes come in various sizes. Some can be stitched shut, filled in, scarred over. Other voids remain vacuums, despite nature’s abhorrence.

Live long enough and you will become holey.

Surviving is the tricky part.


3 thoughts on “Becoming Holey

  1. holes are also symbolic for transformation. Digging a hole can transform into a tree, grave site etc. It is even theoritically possible to transport over great distances by creating holes in the fabric of space. Ooops – got to go – got a hole to catch! 🙂

  2. Amen! We all have Susie bullet holes. I think yours went all the way through and made another big hole coming out the other side. I grieve for you grieving for Susie.

  3. No bottonholes yet…but I do have a couple of bullet holes. You are right…surviving is the hard part, but I can tell you from experience, that one day the smile that you show everyone else, will reach all the way to your heart once again, and the bullet hole will heal, though it will still give you pain from time to time.

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