Cancer and Potato Chips

I have two friends who are losing ground in the battle against cancer. The U.S. officially declared war on the disease in 1971 and the campaign has been about as futile as the other war President Nixon launched that year—the War on Drugs.

For all the press it gets, we have made little progress against the Big C, as oncologist David Agus points out:

Since signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971, we’ve lost more than 12 million Americans to cancer. Every time a citizen pays $10 in taxes, only one penny goes to cancer research; we allocate less that $5 BILLION YEARLY FOR CANCER RESEARCH while Americans spend $20 billion a year on beauty products, and $5.3 BILLION ON POTATO CHIPS! We lose roughly 560,000 people a year to cancer, which is 160,000 more than lost their lives in World War II.

Statistics are boring and irrelevant—until one of them is your friend.


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