Being Pragmatic

It was comforting to have almost the whole family over last Thursday to remember Susie’s birthday. We visited the cemetery and Nate and I cooked dinner afterward. The grand kids flitted about happily, enjoying being with four generations of a loving family with a godly heritage. Susan was such an integral part of creating both.

I have been emotionally and physically drained since then. On Friday I thought I recognized my old nemesis—pneumonia: wet cough, low energy, fever and chills. Sunday afternoon, I visited the ER with a 102-degree fever. I’m still waiting for the results of the blood tests.

It could be a reaction to the IVIG infusion I got last week, or it could just be an opportunistic infection. Either way, being sick puts a kink in your schedule. It’s discouraging to do nothing but challenging to stay active and productive—especially when you aren’t all that excited about what you’re producing.

Me? I’m writing books that few people will hear about or read unless I get serious about marketing, which isn’t in my temperament or budget. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, just being pragmatic. Perhaps one day I’ll meet an opportunistic promoter with a keen eye for talent and deep pockets and we’ll hit it off.

Know anyone like that?

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