Higher Risk of Dying

Being widowed is hazardous to your health.

Numerous studies have shown that people who are grieving following the loss of a close loved one bear a higher risk of dying. A lot of that risk, however, isn’t necessarily tied to the emotional pull of surviving a loss, which can affect the body physically. … for grievers who experience prolonged mourning, something else goes on that ups their mortality.

Take a guess before reading on. What is it that saps the life from the one left behind when “death do us part?” Loneliness? Malnutrition? Alcohol or prescription drugs? Daytime TV?

They become irregular with their daily schedules as they grieve … They no longer keep to the same old routines while they struggle to adapt to a new status quo.

Grieving is painful beyond words, but the loss of routine can make it lethal.

Of all the things that a body loves, predictability is one of them. One of the biggest components of stress for our bodies is … regularity of schedule or lack thereof. – Dr. David Agus

Widowhood is a new way of life but one has to hold onto some old habits to stay alive.

Not easy.


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