Control and Influence

Thoughtful people like you and me realize we don’t have control over most of the important things in life. We have absolutely no say in our lineage, genetics or heritage. Birth, and—in most instances—death, are out of our hands. We do, however, exert a vital influence on ourselves and others through our thoughts, words and actions.

Control means “to exercise direction over; dominate; command.” Influence is “the process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions of (ourselves and) others.”

We don’t command the wind or waves but we can set our sails to make the most of them. Sometimes it makes a difference. Sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s a waste of time to fret over what we can’t change—and a waste of life to not change what we can.

Control is an illusion; influence is a responsibility.


3 thoughts on “Control and Influence

  1. Well said Mike.
    My heart goes out to you and your family on this first Mother’s Day without your Susan. 😦

  2. So true. Love all your writing. Sometimes I think you are my long lost friend hearing my thoughts and joining me in my wonder, adventures in discernment, and the challenges of learning to thrive with cancer. Love tuning in to hear the messages from your heart.

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