Surfing at 60

The difference among scuba diving, swimming and surfing is one’s relationship with water. A scuba diver is immersed; a swimmer is involved; a surfer is influenced.

In my twenties, thirties and forties I was a scuba diver immersed in raising a family, building a church community and advancing God’s kingdom. I had a clear worldview, a compelling sense of mission and committed partners to work alongside.

In my fifties I became a swimmer struggling to keep my head above water. I was no longer in full-time ministry; I questioned my evangelical presumptions and my relationship with God became distant as I pressed for more intimacy.

As I approach my 60th birthday I feel like a surfer skimming atop the waves. I’m now single and live alone. I’m a self employed writer and work alone. I watch others who are absorbed in church, politics, business, ministry, technology or media but don’t feel drawn into these passions.

It could be worse. At least I’m not a swabby; a minion in a floating bureaucracy with little say over my circumstances.

Or that most aloof and oblivious of all seafarers—a cruise ship passenger!

5 thoughts on “Surfing at 60

  1. Hey Mike, don’t knock the cruise ship passengers too hard…Debbie and I just took our first one with 6 couples from our Bible Study group! It was better than I expected, very relaxing. I am glad you are following your passion to encourage others through your writings. I have rekindled my passion for guitar in the last 10 years or so. I often use Eric Liddle’s quote from Chariots of Fire “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” I am convinced God gets pleasure when we pursue our passions that He has placed in our being.

    Journey well my friend.

      1. Yes there are a few clips of me playing on Youtube. is one.
        Here is another:
        The beautiful young lady singing is Monika, our youngest son’s (Adam) wife. I am really enjoying playing in the worship band at VBC. This is the golden age of contemporary Christian worship songs-so many gifted writers. I have played at 4 weddings in the last couple of years, and Adam, Monika and I have played at several venues as entertainment.

        Happy Birthday !

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