Bezer’s Billions

Bezer Cover

Book 2 in my TLC series is now available:

Did Old Man Bezer, the former lighthouse keeper, leave behind a secret treasure? Will the skeleton key JJ finds lead to untold riches for TLC or unexpected trouble? Meanwhile, two shotgun-toting poachers create a more pressing—and dangerous—problem!

The Lighthouse Company meets in the basement of the Cape Myra lighthouse near the Makah Indian Reservation. Captain Tyler’s grandson JJ leads TLC in solving mysteries, finding treasures and helping the town’s two-man police force.

TLC is an action-packed series full of colorful characters readers will identify with and want to imitate. The intriguing ways in which moral dilemmas are handled creates teachable moments adults can use to help children prepare for situations they may face as they grow up. What readers won’t find are sex, foul language or violence. (Sorry, no wizards, werewolves, vampires or zombies either.)

Order copies on Amazon today ($5.99). Or get autographed books from me ( at the same price, plus $2 postage per book. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as I haven’t received my copies yet.

Stay tuned for book three, The Long Walk Home. Read TLC to your kids. Share them with family and friends. Like them on Facebook. Spread the word!


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