What’s On Your Fridge?

How many items festoon the front of your fridge? (Go ahead, count them; I’ll wait. How else will you know if you’re average?)

According to a new study by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families that serves as a microcosm for the nation, you’ve got about 52 objects pinned on your fridge’s front panel. … The fridge, specifically its front panel, turned out to be the Milky Way of a home’s clutter, according to the study, often 90% covered with things.

If your refrigerator was suddenly engulfed in a giant glob of amber and later discovered by a 30th century archeologist, she could probably tell what you died of based on the inside—and what you lived for based on the outside.

What does your fridge say about you?


2 thoughts on “What’s On Your Fridge?

  1. My fridge isn’t magnetic, but the side cabinet tells me that I have an incredibly smart and talented 3 year old who can draw people and color. 🙂 It also tells me what we’re eating for the next week. Family and food. I guess that sums it up! ha!

  2. My fridge says that my children have monthly Bible memory verses in Sunday School, and Emma likes princesses. That’s about it. My fridge is boring. 🙂

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