My Aim

I recently spent a few days with thousands of powerful people at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. I heard from high-capacity leaders running world-class ministries and businesses that are changing the planet. I even had the great privilege of rooming with one of them (the co-founder and president of TrueFaced).

God knows we need good leaders. Our health, happiness and very survival depend on the character and caliber of our leaders. Earlier in life I aspired to be one. But as I worked in various leadership roles, I learned this wasn’t my niche. I’m not wired for the political side of group dynamics.

Here’s what experience has taught me:

I am not a Leader. Most people aren’t, despite what the bestselling books want us to believe.

I am an Influencer. Everybody is. For better or worse our actions and words impact others.

I aim to be an Encourager. The world needs more of these.

2 thoughts on “My Aim

  1. Mike,

    Good contemplation. I definitely agree, not all people are leaders, and that’s OK. The assumption that they are fits in the same category as giving everyone on the team a trophy just because they showed up, regardless their accomplishments. It ought to mean something, otherwise it begins to lose all meaning. Craig Glass Peregrine Ministries Men Matter blog: Join us at: 719-229-8258

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