The Dismount

We were reminded this summer of how important the dismount is in gymnastics. No matter how many revolutions around the bar or back flips in the air, the athlete has to stick the landing to get a decent score.

The “stick” of a landing often sets an extraordinary routine apart from simply a good one, and when it comes down to the medal rounds of the Olympics or World Championships, sticking the dismount can mean winning the gold – or not.

Sticking the landing is also hard to do in life. A study of leaders in the Bible by Dr. Robert Clinton revealed that 7 out of 10 did not finish well. I’m not sure how he measured success and failure but the results are consistent with my own observations.

As I somersault into my sixties I think more about my dismount. Will I overcome the vertigo from critically examining my faith and get my feet under me in time—or face-plant into the grave?

Easy routines don’t garner high scores but the more difficult skills you add, the harder it is to stick the landing.

I’m still trying to find the balance.

FYI – Considered the Top Stick in the last 10 years.

One thought on “The Dismount

  1. Of course, in a gymnastics routine, the dismount is a scheduled event that is timed with precise anticipation…but as you know, the dismount from our “life routine” is often unexpected…sticking the landing in life needs to be planned for not knowing when it will occur. Good thoughts Mike!

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