Cause an Deffect

What’s wrong with this title?

The letters are in the right order but the spacing is off.

“Cause and effect” is how the world works (except in certain scenarios involving general relativity). But problems occur when the gap between them seems too large or they are completely disconnected. Discouragement, depression, even suicide can result, e.g. Van Gogh.

Farmers and engineers go out of business if they don’t get timely and consistent results. But we artists can hold out a whole lot longer and live on a whole lot less. Most of us write books few people read, fill canvases we can’t sell, compose songs no one sings. What keeps us going in the gaps?

Hope – There’s a bit of hubris in thinking others will care about what we do, but it’s mostly hope that we can touch them through our medium. Humans are social creatures who need to connect, and we do so on a deep level through what we create.

The cause/effect disconnect also disturbs many Christians and can produce doubt, discouragement and even despair. Few righteous acts are fully rewarded in this life, most wrongs aren’t righted, the vast majority of prayers go unanswered. What keeps us going in the gaps?

Soul – There’s more to humans than material bodies; we have a soul. I find no other adequate explanation for compassion, justice, beauty, humor, morality, music, empathy, self-awareness, romantic love. Evolution doesn’t need these. We can’t live without them.

How do artists and Christians cope with the tension of long intervals? How do we get through the gaps? A hopeful soul.

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