Street Eating

Street food at the night markets is one of the most authentic Chinese experiences. You’d be amazed at what can be fried, glazed and served on a stick. Here are a few suggestions for (from) the novice traveler on street eating:

Food - night market

1. Best done after dark in poor light.

2. If unsure, don’t ask.

3. Shrimp go in head-first; that way the antennae don’t get stuck in your teeth.

4. Avoid seafood with large claws or tentacles longer than your forearm.

Food - tentacles

5. Try some baijiu as an aid to digestion. Baijiu is the national drink. It tastes like paint thinner and is useful for searing the palate and dulling the other senses. After a few shots, you may be up for sampling some of the more adventurous fare:

  • Food - seafood on a stickStinky tofu—the kind that smells like rancid socks.
  • Anything still moving.
  • Fish and fowl with the face still attached.

Food - Julie and supper

On second thought, avoid the stinky tofu altogether.

(More China photos on Flickr in the left column.)


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