Meet Lizzy

Lizzy Cover

When Lizzy the Leatherback turtle gets a mysterious illness, she turns to her pals for comfort and advice. But they only make things worse! Discouraged and alone, Lizzy wants to give up—until Danny shows her the healing power of true friendship.

Beautifully illustrated by Julie Bergeron, this 48-page picture book has a great message for children and adults alike on the meaning of friendship and loyalty. But the book also has a special purpose. A cancer survivor myself, I wrote Lizzy to help kids battling with disease or disabilities better understand the relational side of what they’re going through.

Julie and I want to give away as many copies as we can to foundations, hospitals and groups working with children and their families. Through them we hope to touch and encourage thousands of lives.

Here are 3 EASY WAYS you can get involved:

1. DONATE toward publication costs and free copies to key groups. Visit my GoGetFunding page.

2. ORDER copies of Lizzy for Christmas gifts ($8.99 + $2 postage). Email me at

 3. SHARE the Lizzy project with your social network. Visit my GoGetFunding page and click the “Embed” button under Share This Project.


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