Severe Mercy

Sheldon Vanauken called the book about losing his wife A Severe Mercy. On my better days I can think of Susan’s passing as such.

She died on Thanksgiving last year. Through the tears I can find aspects to be thankful for: She knew where she was going and had since childhood. She was on good terms with everyone and left no unresolved issues. She was surrounded by her family. She didn’t suffer.

The severity of her death is achingly apparent: She was still young at 57. She was daily involved in the ministry of saving unborn babies. She was needed by her family and friends. She left gaping holes in so many lives, especially mine.

Susan and Zack

The definition of mercy includes the idea of “something that gives evidence of divine favor or blessing.” Looking back on Susan’s life I can see that.

Looking around me today, I can’t.


17 thoughts on “Severe Mercy

  1. i never want to forget being thankful for having known Susan. she was and always will be a pearl that is treasured in my heart. i’m sorry her passing was on thanksgiving – they just shouldn’t belong in the same memory. miss you susie kathy & herb


  2. You are one of the blessings in my life. Through my losses and leukemia, through adjustments and parenting, your voice and writings have shown me that there are still friends to be made, conversations to have, life to behold. True you can’t see me when you look around today, but I am here. Because we remain our hearts seek connections like the ones we miss. Look around again. Love also endures, and please hang on to the hope that love will once again fill your heart.

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