Older Model

Dr. Cichon gave me a clean bill of health today. It’s been 14 months since he cut a tumor out of my face and just over a year since my last radiation and chemo treatments. (He takes no responsibility for the brain damage since that’s self inflicted.)

Eighty percent of the time a squamous cell carcinoma returns, it’s within the first year. The next six months are also critical and the odds of a relapse continue to decline until the five-year mark when I would be considered “cured.”

Call me superstitious but I don’t like that word. Cancer-free-for-now is more realistic.

As to my original lymphoma, which I’ve had twice, I get my next CT scan in a few weeks. It will probe for cancerous growth from skull to knees. “Normal” would be a nice word to hear afterward. I will also have the results sent to Dr. Leppard to see what’s wrong with my left shoulder. It’s not improving with rest but getting worse.

We are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made,” but our equipment wears out and maintenance becomes more challenging with age. If I was a Ford, I would look like this:

1952 Ford

Can you guess the year?

4 thoughts on “Older Model

  1. not sure of the year bro, but i think it’s in the early 50’s. karen would drive and i would stand behind her and steer……..i think you need to replace your bumpers, but the rust looks “distinguished”


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