My Year in Publishing

books 2

I was able to self-publish four new children’s books this year; the first three books in the TLC series and a collaborative effort with artist and friend Julie Bergeron called Lizzy the Leatherback. You can order signed copies via email ( for $8.99.

Lizzy 1

I have three other children’s book written but can’t afford to publish them yet. And I’m working on two others, along with the sequel to Stumbling Toward Heaven called We Will Be Landing Shortly.

Not too shabby for someone running at about 60%.

All my books are available on Amazon, or you can order autographed copies from me:

Matterhorn the Brave
TLC Books
Stumbling Toward Heaven

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3 thoughts on “My Year in Publishing

  1. Mike, I want to order a copy of Stumbling Towards Heaven, autographed to Dr. Cheff, as well as one of the Lizzy books, also autographed. Please tell me how!

  2. You are getting more out of your 60% than most people I know who are functioning on 100%. Keep up the good work… don’t slow down! You always inspire me.

  3. Mike, to bad you don’t have the money to publish all your books because i herd that the’re better then the Harry Potter series. If anyone out there is looking for a great investment, this is it. Mike, your a great writer!!


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