THC Next Time?

Despite being reminded every few months, I forget (thankfully) just what a wallop pneumonia packs. It’s like being tackled by Von Miller while keeled over with the flu. The days are long, the nights achingly longer. At least I get to spend them at home.

Based on my track record, I can expect return bouts in 2013. I seem to have a pneumonia-shaped hole in my rebuilt immune system. Next time I might try medical marijuana. It would be among the mildest of the few dozen drugs I’ve taken in recent years.

I’ve been on prescriptions that have killed famous people. I’ve had derivatives of mustard gas and liquid platinum repeatedly injected into me by nurses in masks and protective gear. What’s a little Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

I’ve never tried the stuff but I voted to legalize marijuana in my state because the War on Drugs has been a trillion-dollar fiasco! Both the War on Drugs and the War on Cancer were declared by President Nixon in 1971. Both have been more influenced by politics than pharmacology. Both have been failures.

I’ll do more research before I decide to toke or chew, but the legal or social implications don’t have to be part of the equation.


4 thoughts on “THC Next Time?

  1. My main reason to not use marijuana is that it is illegal. I agree that it should be legalized, controlled, and studied to determine all of its uses (beside getting high) and dangers. I wonder, will it then be categorized with prescription medications, or with alcohol? The first category you can get only if a doctor decides that it is helpful for you. The other category you can buy all you want, for good or ill – if you are old enough. By the way, why is it that an 18-year-old can sign up to potentially give his life for his country in the military, but he cannot buy alcohol (in many states) for another three years? So many of these ideas seem off-balance.
    Mike, keep asking the questions we all should be asking, and trying to answer.

  2. Mike, I will pray for renewed strength in your latest fight for your health. Pneumonia is no picnic. That is what eventually killed my dad. Of course, he got it from being in the hospital, where I think more people get sick than well. Now that Colorado has made “Mary Jane” legal, what is the penalty for “driving while high?”

    1. I’m a big fan of avoiding hospitals; see my last post. It will be years before Colorado works out the details of the new law. I will go the green-card route if I decide to self-medicate.

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