The Rigors of Writing

I know professional writers are prone to self-inflicted liver problems, but no one warned me about joint injuries. I just started on pain meds for my left shoulder, which has been bothering me for months. Physical therapy and rest haven’t helped so I finally got an MRI that revealed:

There is bursal sided fraying/partial-thickness tearing of the anterior supraspinatus tendon with extension into the musculotendinous junction. There is a partial-thickness detachment point tear of the posterior supraspinatus tendon. There is severe acromioclavicular degenerative change. … There is increased signal intensity in the superior labrum that extends into the posterior superior labrum suggesting labral degeneration and a type 2 IabraI tear.

“. . . fraying . . . tearing . . . detachment . . .degeneration . . .” could be describing my psyche as well but there’s little hope for mending that. Next week I’ll see the surgeon who repaired my right shoulder (twice) to learn what my options are.

My vocation didn’t cause my impairment but it’s a more flamboyant explanation than just getting older.

3 thoughts on “The Rigors of Writing

  1. Hi Mike,
    As always I appreciate your humor and you in general.
    I must say gathering documentation and research and the actual typing of manuscripts and the focus that comes with that (lack of movement) the rigors of life and the rigors of life can be a bit painful at times, but always always always better alternatives than the rigors of mortis. 🙂
    Although I must say now that I’m 53, I’m looking forward to the return of the Lord. Although now that I have a wife, an 8 year old son and a 23 month old baby daughter, I’m not quite ready to go quietly into that light just yet.

    On a side note – Good golly miss molly that’s a lot of fancy words to describe a “pain in the neck” my wife just generally uses one word to describe hers – “husband” 🙂

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