Drug Tramp

I tried various forms of a different pain reliever this week to dull the screaming echo of rotator cuff surgery. This herb has been widely used since caveman days with great success but my doctor’s malpractice carrier won’t let him prescribe it. (Don’t want docs dispensing dangerous drugs now, do we.)

I had high hopes but got lousy results. It made me dizzy and nauseated. And disappointed, because I wanted a more natural way to mitigate the consequences of my wild and crazy lifestyle.

Take it from a drug tramp; abstinence is the best policy–except for caffeine, which is a vitamin not a drug. When you have to use, choose the poison with the smallest metabolic footprint.

I tried organic remedies but don’t have the constitution for it so I’ll continue relying on weapons-grade pharmaceuticals.

Don’t judge me.


One thought on “Drug Tramp

  1. “Nothing ventured nothing gained” as they say, though, like you, I would have expected something better than dizzy and nauseated! I hope each day brings less pain and more freedom from all need for pharmaceuticals – weapons grade or not…

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