Moving On

Sore and tired from my move this weekend. Thanks to all of you who helped. After 16 years in one place I begin my new life as an itinerant writer, aka gypsy. The plan is to buy or build a house in Black Forest with my son and his family, but that could take months.

As life settles down and energy goes up I will get back to my books, I have a fourth book in the TLC series about ready to publish called Treasure Cache. I also have a long-term goal of repackaging the Matterhorn the Brave series in four volumes. In case you’re not familiar with this young-adult time travel adventure, drop by the old website.

On the adult level, I’ve hired an editor to help me revise Stumbling Toward Heaven: On Cancer Crashes and Questions and to finish We Will Be Landing Shortly: Reflections on Being Terminal.

Stay tuned for details about The Next Best Thing!

One thought on “Moving On

  1. Did you get it all done in one weekend? No doubt you discovered some long forgotten “treasures” buried in the 16 years of ‘stash’. I can’t imagine attempting such a physical feat while trying to recover – you are a brave man!

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