Zack’s Cavern

Zack’s Cavern, the fourth book in my TLC series, has just been released.

Is there any truth to the legend of pirate treasure on the Makah reservation? Does Spanish gold lie hidden in the sea caves at Cape Flattery? And what would make all the members of TLC jump off the lighthouse tower? Crack the pages of this fourth book in the TLC series to find out.

TLC stands for The Lighthouse Company:

The Lighthouse Company meets in the basement of the Cape Myra lighthouse near the Makah Indian Reservation. Captain Tyler’s grandson JJ leads TLC in solving mysteries, finding treasures and helping the town’s two-man police force.

Order TLC books on Amazon, or get autographed copies for $5.99 each at TLC Stories. Now, for a limited time you can get all four books for just $20.

If your children are bored this summer, bring them by the Cape Myra lighthouse to hang with JJ and his friends.


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