Life Sentence

Can you summarize your life purpose in a sentence?

Years ago I was challenged to do this at a critical juncture in my life. I’d gone to a consultant for advice about a potential career move. Wes helped me catalogue my strengths and weaknesses and identify my passions.

One of the most useful things he had me work on was a one-sentence purpose statement for my life. After a few days of talking with my wife and reflecting on my past, I came up with this:

Mike Hamel exists to experience, model and teach that God is good and life is worth living.

I still resonate with this life sentence more than thirty years later. Experience remains the piston that drives what I model and teach. It’s also what has shoved me far off my original path out to where the church buses don’t run.

In my ongoing search for answers and insights, I have affirmed some core beliefs and adjusted others. I’m currently writing a book about my ongoing quest. Guess I can’t help modeling and teaching what I’m experiencing, even when I’m stumbling forward, shins first.

“A life without a cause is a life without effect.”
—Paulo Coelho


7 thoughts on “Life Sentence

  1. In my humble opinion the whole Universe exists without any special purpose. Vedanta teaches that God wants to experience Himself in all his capabilities and had taken varied forms. As if Looking at Himself in a Mirror !! And why God wants to do this. Just to while away time, like kids playing games. God’s Leela. This explanation is as good as saying that we do not know the answer, why the Universe exists. Life’s purpose is a Unique Human concept. What about the millions of other species exist on earth ? Does a mosquito or a house fly have a purpose of life ? What about a dog or cat or a cow ? I hope you get the trend of my argument.

  2. Because love is both elusive and encompassing,
    Because I’ve both withheld love and given beyond a chosen boundary,
    My cause is to share love.

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