I live in a different reality from the one I envisioned a few years ago. Two things are now true that have taken me by surprise:

I’m still here.

My wife isn’t.

Three cancers in five years put me in the Express Lane at the Life Store. Half the people who had bone marrow transplants like mine in 2009 were dead by 2011. I got squamous cell carcinoma that year but surgery, radiation and chemo have kept it at bay since then.

Susan was on the unfortunate side of the “/” with her heart attack. “Half the people who have heart disease find out they have a heart problem by dropping dead,” says cardiologist Richard Fleming. “That’s the first symptom they have.” This is especially true for women.

Given these two outcomes, I face a new challenge—figuring out how to be single. Recently a friend said something I’ve never had said to me before: “I know this woman you should meet.”

My response was, “Is she an heiress?”

She wasn’t, and I didn’t.

Now what?


7 thoughts on “50/50

  1. I’ll tell you how to live single Mike. Make as many great friends both men and women as you can and do fun things with them. You’ll have a great life and if there is another special woman out there she’ll show up in due time and in the meantime you can have a rich happy life.

  2. I’m not an heiress. My life hasn’t turned out as planned either. Does that mean we can’t go out on a date?

    Moment to moment joy seekers. We have loved some good ones in our days on the planet.

    Cancer and other awfulness has crossed our path.

    But the tales Biblical, Grimm and Disney still say there is a rainbow after the storm.

  3. Mike, this is getting interesting. Good female companionship can have extremely positive effects body chemistry, creativity of mind, social awareness, and outlook on life period – let alone on new content ideas for your writing! You wouldn’t turn down a well recommended bottle of Pinot Noir just because it didn’t cost you over $100, right? How much less an opportunity to meet a potential friend (heiress or not!)?

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