Person of Interest


It helps me to think of life as an hourglass. Each of us is an individual grain of sand uniquely shaped by our origin, environment and experience. The inexorable flow of time funnels us into the present moment, a short, narrow space between the past (above) and the future (below).

(Neuroscientists estimate our conscious awareness of the “present” is only about two seconds long.)

This Venturi effect swirls us together with all manner of folk. We resonate with some and are repelled by others. In the mix we find acquaintances, friends, partners, competitors, adversaries, enemies, lovers, spouses, soul-mates.

Sorting them out is the fun part.

As I meet people, I’m intrigued by the past that shaped them—especially when it’s different from mine. I’m curious whether our futures will be connected—and in what ways. And I work daily at being someone who’s interesting to be around.

My goal is to land near some great people.

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