Instant Replay


Some things I wrote this year that bear repeating:

“Only the constant minting of new metaphors
can keep theology from becoming archeology.”

 “The One Year Rule for Stuff:
If you haven’t touched it in a year
you probably don’t need it.”

“Experience is a good teacher,
but she beats her students.”

“What doesn’t kill you—
can still make you pretty miserable.”

“Take it from a drug tramp,
abstinence is the best policy; except for caffeine,
which is a vitamin not a drug.”

“No pain, no gain: Nonsense.
Pain can be grossly overbearing, notoriously unreliable
and sadistically redundant.” 

“Cancer is a very unsocial disease,
being neither contagious nor infectious.
No one ever “catches” cancer, no matter
how intimate their involvement with its victims.”

“Most of us expect to die,
just not in our lifetimes.”

“I would love for my story to have redemptive value,
but I’ll settle for it being a cautionary tale.”

“The easiest way to increase happiness
is to find more time to do what you enjoy.”

2 thoughts on “Instant Replay

  1. My name is Susan (Thomas) Salamacha, and Bill Thomas was my father. I wish that cancer would just go away! Thank you for making this site! May God bless you and your family!

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