Enjoy Your Flight

I’ve tried to learn from life events beyond my control, including cancer and widowhood. I’ve thought deeply and written candidly about their physical and spiritual impact. While I’m unique, I’m not special. The view out my window may be different from yours but we’re headed in the same direction—from the past to the future—and we can encourage one another on the flight.

My chief encouragement is to remind you that we will be landing shortly—the title of my new book due out this spring. These days this truth doesn’t make me put my head between my knees and grab my ankles. Instead, I’m leaning forward in my seat, keeping my eyes and mind and heart open.

I still have character to develop, dreams to pursue, mysteries to ponder, relationships to nurture, adventures to share, sorrows to endure, dances to learn, wine to bottle and books to write, which I plan to leave in the seat pocket for curious and unsuspecting travelers.

Vaya con Dios.


6 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Flight

  1. The tone of this post sounds so positive! You have come a long way … as have I… and I thank God for it.

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