My Complements

It is not good for the man to be alone,
I will make a helper suitable [exer kenegdo] for him.”
Genesis 2:18

good translation for ezer islifesaver.Kenegdo means “alongside of, a counterpart.” Counterpart: one of two parts that fit, complete or complement one another.

For the second time in my life the Lord has complemented me. Her name is Cindy. She’s from Illinois where she was born, grew up and taught school for more than 25 years.


To have another turn in the game of life after what I’ve been through in recent years is an unexpected blessing. To have a soul mate to share it with is the ultimate thrill. We plan to be married on June 14 in the dance studio where we met.

“Marriage isn’t about finding a person you can live with,
it’s about finding the
person you can’t live without.”
—S.J.D. Peterson

I found her.

The Ring


19 thoughts on “My Complements

  1. Nothing but pure joy in my heart for you Mike!!!
    As the old Celtic blessing goes:
    “May the blessing of light be on you and Cindy–
    light without and light within.
    May the blessed sunlight shine on both of you
    and warm your heart
    till it glows like a great peat fire.”

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