Here’s the backstory on my upcoming marriage.

 Cindy Garwood lived in Illinois all her life. Last year she retired from a teaching and coaching career that spanned more than three decades and moved to Colorado Springs.

IMG_3279 2

 We met in October at the Peak Dance Academy. We saw each other two or three times a week and enjoyed dancing together. In February we started dating and quickly realized we were soul mates.

 We’ve found that we like doing things together, from shopping and concerts to traveling and playing with the grandkids. We look forward to sharing life 24/7 and “leaning forward” into whatever comes. 

Our wedding will take place in Hawaii on June 5. On June 14 we will celebrate with family and friends at the dance studio where we met.

What could be better than that!

 Our motto: MORE TO COME!


4 thoughts on “Backstory

  1. Love looks good on you! you are both glowing. I hope you will enjoy many, many years of happiness. Keep dancing!

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