Diamond Orchid

Cindy and I had been dancing with each other since October. We started dating in early 2014 and the more things we did together, the more we seemed to fit. I soon realized I wanted to marry this extraordinary woman.

I enjoy getting flowers for Cindy and began telling her I was looking for a rare one. Then on March 19 we went on a hike in the Garden of the Gods. I carried a large box with the mystery flower inside.

When we reached a scenic point, I presented her with the “diamond orchid:” a purple orchid with a diamond ring on one stem. The ring was my mother’s and I asked Cindy if she would wear the gem if I put it in a wedding band for her.

Diamond Orchid
Diamond Orchid

Due to the high altitude and long walk she said yes!

Fortunately for me she has confirmed her commitment every day since then in so many ways. We are looking forward to leaning into the future hand-in-hand.

“My most brilliant achievement was my ability
to persuade my wife to marry me.”
—Winston Churchill


5 thoughts on “Diamond Orchid

  1. Congrats Mike!!!

    So happy for you and looking forward to meeting her next time I’m in the Springs!

    Blessings on you both!!


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