What The Doctors Say

These men helped save my life. Dr. Dax Kurbegov was my oncologist and Dr. Mark Brunvand was the hematologist who did my bone marrow transplant. Here’s what they have to say about the book recounting my ordeal, Stumbling Toward Heaven:

My life’s work involves shepherding heroic men and women through their cancer journeys. Every once in a while I find myself transformed by those I work with. Mike Hamel has been such a figure. Diagnosed with cancer in the prime of life, he has had to wrestle with his own faith while his body labored under the duress of chemotherapy. Mike offers us remarkable insights into the human condition and the capacity of the human spirit to triumph in the face of incredible adversity. —Dr. Dax Kurbegov

Mike Hamel nobly dealt with lymphoma that rapidly recurred and required a stem cell transplant to attain a remission. As he was recovering he was in a serious auto accident. He has persevered through difficulties that would destroy the faith of most people and is now even more thoughtful and gracious. We can all learn from his incredible struggles and triumphs. —Dr. Mark Brunvand

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