Which God?

Religious faith brings out the best—and worst—in people. ISIS zealots are beheading Christian children in front of their parents because they aren’t Muslims. Christian missionaries from half a world away are staying in towns overrun by ISIS to care for those families—at the cost of their own lives.

What do these actions reveal about how God is perceived by these different faiths?

“My God is pleased when I behead children who don’t have the proper belief.”

“My God is pleased when I lay down my life for others, regardless of their beliefs.”

Which God inspires you to love and worship?

Which God would you rather spend eternity with?

One thought on “Which God?

  1. The foot soldiers, the Jihadis who actually do the beheadding may be mislead that they are waging the war for God. But those who control the foot soldiers have no such illusion. The leaders are in the Jihadi business for the power and money. Nothing more and nothing less. Actual amount of money involved in terrorism runs into billions of dollars an year. There are generous donors from rich Arab countries who feel that they are contributing for helping Islam. The terrorist leaders themselves are involved in human traffic, narcotics, money laundering, counterfeit currency, gold smuggling and a host of other organized crime activities. They utilize the services of the foot soldiers for this. In Kashmir in India, a Jihadi is offered 50,000 rupees for killing an Indian soldier. This amount is a small fortune in this part of the world.

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