Top Reads of 2014

Each year I recommend a handful of books that have made an impression on me. Here are my Top 5 from 2014:

The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt

Being Mortal, Atul Gawande

The History of Christian Theology, Phillip Cary

The Presence of the Past, Rupert Sheldrake

In the Plex, Steven Levy

What makes a book noteworthy is that it changes how we think, usually through new information or a fresh perspective. Such a work makes it impossible to see the world as we used to.

Our brains can shrink with age and our minds constrict, which leads to a hardening of the categories. Great books serve as a mental and spiritual angioplasty; the ideas they insert into our thinking are stents that increase the flow of knowledge, imagination, creativity and humility.

Speaking of books, here are five I’d like to write that would probably cause aneurysms:

The Epiphenomenal God: Shadow Or Substance? 

100 Things To Do Before Getting Alzheimer’s: Stuff Worth Doing Even Though You Won’t Remember It (And Stuff To Do Because You Won’t!) 

The Holey Bible: Seeing Scripture As Divine And Human, Inspired But Not Inerrant 

The Teacher Who Beats Her Students And Gets Away With It! The Shocking Truth About Ms. Experience 

Why There Will Be Sex In Heaven But Not Marriage: Implications Of A Resurrection Body

Pre-orders anyone?


10 thoughts on “Top Reads of 2014

  1. Sorry, Mike, Randy Alcorn and others already has beaten you to the punch on that last title, though only articles or chapters, not a whole book. The other book titles are great, though the market for “Ms Experience” might be a screenplay with a Hollywood ending to sell more tickets. I’ll look up “Epiphenomenal” in a minute to make sure I know what it means. Two sample chapters and proposal for at least one of these titles, please! 🙂

  2. Mike, the recent pics of you make me wonder if you have taken a Nazarene vow? That’s quite a regal silver mane you are sporting. If you get around to writing the “Ms Experience” book you could get some good material from Ecclesiastes.

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