Divest, Downsize, Die

In commerce, to “divest” means to sell off; to rid of through sale. In business, to “downsize” means to reduce in number; cut back. In life, to “die” means to cease to (physically) exist.

In the first two instances, things go away. When it comes to dying, we go away. The bottom line is “A man and his stuff are soon separated.” Separation can be painful, but it can also be positive if properly handled. Here are Mike’s Maxims about Stuff:

  1. Don’t judge success by what you’ve accumulated but by who you’ve enriched.
  2. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Pass it along to someone who does.
  3. Be as deliberate about dispersing as you are about collecting.
  4. Less stuff means more time.
  5. Clean up your mess before you go; your descendants will bless you for it.


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