No Book This Time

By now the word is out that my cancer has returned. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma again. It’s rare for it to return this long after a transplant but I’ve always been a rare bird. I wrote two books regarding three cancers over four years. No books this time.

At least not about cancer. Been there, done that. I started to reread Stumbling Toward Heaven but it was too discouraging. Check out these photos from 2009 and you’ll see why.



I’ve decided to do a clinical trial at CU Denver, which will involve a lot of trips over the next six months, but it’s closer than flying to Houston or Seattle. More testing this week, with serious drugs starting on the 20th.

After the chemo I’m probably looking at another bone marrow transplant, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. By “we” I mean “me.” Until then I will continue to write, read, dance, make wine, wrestle with the grandkids and be a general nuisance. I’m so thankful for a wonderful wife, loving family and faithful friends to lean on.

Prayers always needed and appreciated.

Keep in touch.


8 thoughts on “No Book This Time

  1. I’m on it buddy! Prayers for strength, peace and boat loads of hope with a capital H! Love you Mike and the Redhead is praying with me!

    Bob & Cindi

  2. You have the heart of a lion Mike. One day back to full health at a time. If anyone can, you can. Prayers and positive energy. -Mark

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