Goodbye Aaron

I lost a good friend this weekend with the passing of my brother-in-law, Aaron Mandel. In addition to a kindred spirit, Aaron was my former employer and a fellow seeker of truth.

From the day I performed his wedding to my sister, Karen, until my last visit to their place on Tuesday we shared quality times, deep conversations and lots of laughs, for which I am profoundly grateful.

IMG_6891 (1)

Aaron did things in life most of us only dream of, which included being a TV star, movie stunt man, amateur inventor and successful entrepreneur. He had a quick wit, a sharp tongue, a good ear for comedy and a bad sense of fashion, all part of his Jewish heritage.

More could be said but this will have to do for now.

I believe this, like all partings, is temporary, but it still hurts. I will miss you, Aaron, until we get the chance to catch up down the road.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Aaron

  1. Yes, we are very sorry to hear about Aaron. He was a fine man and one easy to admire and respect. We will continue to pray that God’s love and care will hold you tenderly in these days, Karen.

  2. I’ll always have a soft spot for Uncle Aaron. He was the first of Nate’s extended family that I got to meet before we were engaged, and it was at this *huge* family Christmas party at his and Karen’s house. I was a little overwhelmed, to say the least–trying to figure out who was an aunt/uncle/cousin, etc. But he took aside, was super hospitable, brought me a drink, then went on to tell me easily an hour’s worth of life stories — everything from being in a movie to meeting Elton John (at Sir Elton’s home, no less!). Here he was, the host of the party, and he spent lots of time making me feel welcome. Will miss you, Uncle Aaron, and huge hugs to you Karen! I’m so deeply sorry.

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