Summer Plans

Looks like I will be spending part of the summer at Presbyterian St. Luke’s hospital in Denver. If my June 15 PET scan comes back clear I’ll have a bone marrow, aka stem cell, transplant in July. It’s a 30-day hospital stay followed by 70+ days near the clinic as an outpatient.

PS 1

This breaks one of my cardinal rules—avoid hospitals—but there’s little choice this time around. I did a self-transplant in 2009 and I hear that’s a cakewalk compared to an allo (donor) transplant. But if one survives the ordeal, chances of recovery and remission are good.

I will be under the care of the skilled professionals from the Colorado Blood Clinic Institute; the same folks who did my first transplant. I wonder if they have a frequent patient rewards program?

Two of my siblings are being tested as possible donors. If you aren’t already a registered donor, find out how you might be able to save a life at Be The Match. It feeds into the database they will use to find a donor for me, should I need one.

I’m so thankful to have Cindy and the rest of my great family around. Prayers for all of us are much needed and appreciated.

“Being mortal is about the struggle to cope
with the constraints of our biology,
with the limits set by genes and cells
and flesh and bone.”
Atul Gawande

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