Good News!


I get to have another bone marrow transplant! Having a second one of these wasn’t on my bucket list since it involves lethal doses of chemo but it greatly improves my chances of not kicking the bucket.

My PET scan yesterday came back clean. This means I can leave the clinical trial and proceed with a transplant in July. I also have a donor, my brother Marty. He obviously doesn’t remember all the mean stuff I did to him when we were kids, for which I’m extremely thankful.

I’m also thankful for all the prayers and positive thoughts sent my way. Keep them coming as the hard part is still ahead.

5 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. I’m sorry that you won’t be coming out to freeze in the coastal California fog in July, but this is a pretty big excuse. For what it’s worth, I hope you have a pretty view from your hospital/hotel window – of the mountains, not the Denver ‘atmosphere’.

  2. This is great news Mike! Though I have to agree with your hesitation on the “lethal doses of chemo” reality. Nevertheless, thank God for Marty and his healthy bone marrow!… and his willingness to share some of it with you. I’m fairly certain my sibling would cut some type of a deal with me for the swap (or perhaps have the family dog tested for a match – which in my case could be a likely equivalent). Sending love and prayer your way.

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