Summer Vacation

Cindy and I are moving to Denver, which will be our new home for the next 3-4 months. I go into the hospital on Thursday for my second bone marrow transplant. My younger brother Martin is a match and will be my donor. He’s in town going through his own prep program. He will be “harvested” and I will be “engrafted” on the 26th. (I hope his stem cells don’t remember some of the things I did to him as a kid.)

IMG_2663 (1)


This is my fourth go-around with cancer. I’m not looking forward to the fight but I’m thankful for the treatment I’ll receive and for all those who are in my corner: family, friends, doctors, nurses and people I owe money to.

I hope for many more years of writing, dancing and playing with my grandkids, but I’m also keenly aware that I have a terminal condition. Not cancer. Life. If you’re reading this, you have the same diagnosis. Our bodies all have expiration dates.

When it comes to terminal time stamps, I prefer “Best Used By:” I want to use my days well so that when they’re done, I’m done.

5 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. We’re all praying and “pulling” for you Mike! Just another walk down memory lane, right? Godspeed. -Mark

  2. I think optimistic realists do the best in transplant :). And that is you. No such thing as a truly gentle transplant but I’m hoping you sail right through. Glad you and Martin are matched and ready to go. Prayers for both of you. Thinking of you lots. Love from Phoenix.

  3. Mike, no one can articulate the moment quite like you – you are THE BEST. We will be hoping, praying, willing that bone marrow transfer from Martin to you to be 100% successful. Martin is doing a heroic thing, may the results be commensurate with that. Much love, Greg & Annette

  4. Mike,
    We will be lifting you up in prayer and wanted you and Cindy to know we love you and look forward to getting together when you decide to move back here to Colorado Springs. May God surround you with His intense peace and may you feel the deep love of your friends and family.
    Tim and Kris

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