Big Shot

One week post-transplant and we are adjusting to the new demands of getting healthy. I go into the clinic three times a week to see the docs and have my condition monitored.


I take 20 pills a day to manage side effects and suppress my immune system so the new stem cells can take over. And I give myself a big shot every day—a 1-liter (33 ounces) injection into my chest tube that takes about three hours.

On the plus side, I got to celebrate my 64th birthday on Friday. I’m in an extended stay hotel, not a hospital. I have Cindy and other family to look after me. I have a real shot at a cure for the cancer that had dogged me for seven years.

I’m still breathing, still writing and still enjoying the wonderful people around me.

More to come!

9 thoughts on “Big Shot

  1. Mike – Thanks for continuing to share your struggles and journey to good health. Your insights, coupled with your humor, about the path of all mortals has been very much appreciated.

    As you continue your post transplant protocol, I am amazed and grateful to our Creator God that He knew from the beginning that “life is in the blood.”

    I am so happy that our gracious God has given you a wonderful partner on your road to recovery.

    Wishing you good health!

  2. Good update, Mike. 20 pills a day – sheeesh! Do you get to wash it down with some of your Port? Ok, doubt it, but I look forward to sharing some with you when your healing is complete…

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