Here We Go Again

Eleven weeks post-transplant and a small tumor has sprouted where the previous ones have grown. Not good news but not a complete surprise as relapse happens about 40% of the time with lymphoma.

This means a change in my treatment plan. I’ll be tapered off some immunosuppressants, which will allow the new immune system to come online faster. The challenge will to balance the GVL (Graft Verses Lymphoma) effect with the GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease). The first attacks the cancer, the latter can attack everything else and has to be carefully managed.

We will be talking with a specialist this week and weighing additional options with the excellent staff at CBCI. They are among the best in the nation at what they do.


Cancer is a civil war. Tactics change as the battle changes but the goal is always the same: a meaningful life where every day counts.


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

    1. I’m an outpatient from CBCI and PSL hospital in Denver. Hope to return to the Springs in a few weeks and do further treatment there if I can. Where are you at? CU?

  1. Mike, so sorry, I am still in the hospital after my auto transplant anyone that has had the diagnoses knows the fear and reality of what is happening to you I wish you the best. The battle is still on. Scott

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