Divine Raincheck


There are many things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving day, 2016. But also many things to be sad about.  I am disappointed in God and disillusioned about what I’ve been taught concerning him. It would be less painful to be an atheist because then there will be no one to hold accountable. It’s far more difficult to be a theist and live with the apparent apathy of a Heavenly Father.

Christianity teaches that all things work together for good, that God has a divine plan we can’t understand, and that everything will make sense in the end. But does that really excuse what we have to live with between now and then?

I recently read a story wherein the author credited God with a miracle in not allowing the fourth plane to hit the White House on 9/11.  In my mind I’m screaming back, What about the other three planes! Where’s the miracle there? That’s the evil of humanity, the author might say. By that arithmetic, evil is three times more powerful than God. That’s certainly how it appears sometimes.

I don’t agree with Leibnitz, who argued that this is the best of all possible worlds. Nor is it the most painful of all possible worlds. But it can still be excruciatingly painful some days. Those are the days I wish God would show up instead of sending a raincheck.

Perhaps he will next time . . .


6 thoughts on “Divine Raincheck

  1. Mike.
    First let me say,I am So very Sad you and Your Wife are going through such a difficult time.
    I feel Your Pain as I read your words. I Pray what I say Reaches Your Heart and Soul with a Gentle Touch.
    Above You ask (. But does that really excuse what we have to live with between now and then?)
    I Answer too You, YES IT IS ! God Sent His Only Son to Die for US ! And I Know You know This Already. Christ Has Spared Us From Eternity in A Dark Place That to say the least is Not exactly the Climate ! . You get My point…
    I guess I Just Felt to Need to Gently Say, Yes,We HURT ! And We At times HURT Very Badly ! I am in no way Going through what ,You are. I will say,That I have had My share of Pain too. I Understand it Hurts ..I am Sooooo Sorry.. I Pray JESUS Holds You in Your Prayer time,Your Rest,And Eternity. God Bless You Mike.GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH !

  2. Dear Mike,

    We came across this site when we were looking for the last two books ( 7 and 8) in your Matterhorn the Brave series. I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with your health and wanted to encourage you and let you know that even while you are struggling, you are still touching the lives of new readers. You have a new fan in my youngster. She read all 6 of the books in the Matterhorn the Brave series and has been checking all the on-line used book stores daily in hopes she will come across the last two that appear to no longer be in print. She wants to be a writer someday and wanted me to thank you for the gift that this series was to her. She sends her love and hopes that you feel better soon. Many blessings, janelle

  3. Mike, thank you for your courageous and deeply honest observations. I find that the older I get the more mysterious God’s actions, or his silence, seem to be. The good news is he certainly isn’t threatened by our genuine wrestling with a broken world. In the end we all place our faith somewhere. I’m sticking with him. If he’ll have me.

  4. Mike, I hope you don’t spend too much time in Ecclesiastes…. If Solomon the “Preacher” couldn’t figure it out, I don’t think we have much of a chance either! I just read some Ecclesiastes this morning after reading Jesus’ words in Luke 12 to the rich fool.
    “What does the worker gain from all his toil? I have seen the burden God has laid on men. He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.” ( Eccl 3:9-12)

    We just enjoyed Thanksgiving with most of our kids and our 3 grandsons. Chris’s twins are 3, and Adam’s little dude Carter will be 1 next week. They are just filled with joy and wonder, and have yet to experience the troubles and chaos of the world. Adam and Monika stayed with us and Carter is just starting to walk. He would take a few steps then stagger into daddy’s arms laughing and giggling. I couldn’t help but think why God allows so much evil, pain and suffering
    in the world. Every human being starts out life this way, but then the world and the influence of the Evil One begins to take its toll.

    Debbie and I think of you and Cindy often, and continue to pray for your health.

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