As their website says, Pangea has been “Providing quality time travel since 5341.” Pangea is a publishing, branding, marketing powerhouse that has worked on such projects as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zorro, Speed Racer and several books series, including Miss Switch by Barbara Brooks Wallace.

This month Pangea is adding two juvenile fiction book series to their lineup, both written by my favorite author. Matterhorn the Brave: Adventures Through Time, is being published in a special “Two Books in One” deal.


When heretics murder the king of First Realm—a mirror world of Earth—his daughter, Queen Bea, recruits twelve-year-old Matthew Horn and others to find the Ten Talis. The heretics need these sacred objects for their scheme to take over the world by rewriting its history.

Pangea has also redesigned and published all five books in the TLC (The Lighthouse Company) series.


The Lighthouse Company meets in the basement of the Cape Myra lighthouse near the Makah Indian Reservation. My grandpa is the keeper and I spend summers here. The name’s JJ. I started TLC to solve mysteries, find treasures and help the town’s two-man police force.

You can order the books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, or from these Facebook pages next week:

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Don’t forget to buy a book or two and start someone you love on the reading adventure of a lifetime. If you prefer to buy autographed and personalized copies from me for a few shekels more, send me a message or email (

There’s still time to give Matterhorn or TLC books as Christmas presents if you hurry!


One thought on “Pangea

  1. Mike stay strong hope to see you soon for lunch. I am getting some subcutaneous lesions cut out on the 16th then PET in January. I completed the post relapse two RICE chemo sessions and then the R-BEAM 7 day session followed on day 8 auto stem cell transplant. 2 months out but have to be diligent and realistic and stay on this with a careful watchful eye. Hence the biopsies and another PET. Stay well. Scott

    p.s. I think you would enjoy the series DaVinci’s Demons. Little r-rated at times but the content and presentation are interesting and entertaining. I think it was from one of the on-line channels Starrs / Cinnimax or one of those.

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