Pain . . .

“PAIN is greedy, boorish, meanly debilitating.
It is cruel and calamitous and often constant,
. . . it is the corporal punishment each
of us ultimately suffers for being alive.”
–Neurologist Russell Martin


PAIN demands attention and drains my physical and emotional resources.

PAIN makes me selfish, short-tempered and insensitive to others.

PAIN makes it harder to keep my mask on.

PAIN rivets me in the present and obscures the future.

PAIN unites me with others because everyone experiences it.

PAIN alienates me from others because no one can feel my pain.

PAIN makes me want to be alone, but I don’t want to suffer alone.

PAIN isn’t funny, but humor is pain plus time.

According to Dr. Paul Brand, PAIN is best prepared for by a lifestyle of:



2 thoughts on “Pain . . .

  1. Mike I hope your treatment is working. I will try and call you this next week. I am back at it the HDCT then-ASCT only lasted about 90 days. Scott

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