The Deal

Here’s the deal: I’ll trade you a book of my words for a paragraph of yours.

I’ll send you a TLC book at no charge if you agree to post a review on Amazon. Or have your children read it and post their thoughts. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising and many people read Amazon reviews before deciding to try a new author. If you enjoy my writing, help introduce my young adult fiction to a new generation.


TLC books have believable story lines that raise, and eventually resolve, moral dilemmas—usually with an unexpected twist. The importance of character traits such as loyalty, honesty and friendship are affirmed throughout.

SPOILER ALERT: TLC books contain no zombies, witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, mutants, aliens or superheroes. There is no killing, kissing or cussing, just lots of action-packed, page-turning adventure.

Matterhorn the Brave

I also have an epic, time-travel series for older readers, Matterhorn the Brave. I can’t send free review copies since these are more expensive, 2-in-1 books, but I can autograph and inscribe books you order for your favorite older readers.

TLC is geared to 7-10-year olds while Matterhorn is for ages 10 and up. Visit the Facebook Fan Pages to learn more,


Email me your mailing address, or Message me on Facebook for your free book.



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