In Remembrance


My sister Kathy Hamel Myers left us a week ago today. In speaking at her funeral I mentioned that she was “stubborn.” She would just say she was right. This stubbornness came from two very positive virtues, her independent spirit and her passion for life. She had convictions and she believed they were worth living by and fighting for, regardless of what others thought.

Kathy was passionate about family. She always wanted to have a large family and she and Herb had suffered through several miscarriages. They dearly loved the children they did have, Joanna, Josh and Amanda, and their grandson, Joey, who came along later.

Kathy was passionate about animals. She worked with several rescue groups and took in animals of all sorts. Sometimes her home resembled the ark, with a wide variety of birds, reptiles, and mammals. According to Herb, they usually had 15-20 creatures at a time.

Kathy was passionate about politics. She could tolerate a steady stream of TV and radio talk shows even before she started on painkillers and morphine. She was an early Trump supporter and at one point I thought making it to the election was the only thing keeping her alive. She wanted to be able to tell the naysayers, “I told you so.”

Kathy faced her death the way she lived her life—on her own terms. She wanted to go when she was ready, which made her an advocate of the death with dignity law and probably the first person in Colorado to avail herself of it.

This wasn’t an easy decision for her or the family, but they faced it head-on with courage and candor. They were even brave enough to share their difficult journey with a reporter in hopes that it would help others. You can watch the three-part report on the Chanel 9 website.

I’m proud of you, little sis.


3 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. As did you, older sis. Not just at her service, but at her bedside for months and her table for years. You gave so much despite your own loss. I wish you lived closer to me so you could come over as often. Love you lots.

  2. Thank you Mike for being a brother that is always there. You did Kathy proud at her service. Love you little bro 🙂

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