The Ballad of Songa Ping

Long ago in China,
in the time before the Mings,
lived a traveling man from a warrior clan
by the name of Songa Ping.

Bald and bent and barefoot,
with a staff of old bamboo:
though he might look frail, he was tough as nails
and a master of Kung Fu.

Shaolin monk practicing kung fu. Martial art. Vector illustration, isolated on white.

Trained to be a soldier,
then he heard a different call:
listened to his heart, learned the healing arts,
served the poorest folks of all.

Many years he wandered,
helping anyone in need;
never staying long, always moving on
from the mountains to the seas.

No surviving family,
place of origin unknown,
with a shabby sack on his bony back
holding everything he owned.

This is the beginning of my latest children’s book, The Ballad of Songs Ping. I’m looking for an illustrator to collaborate on the project. Email me if you know of any possibilities.


One thought on “The Ballad of Songa Ping

  1. Looking forward when Songa Ping can be published! I hope you find a willing and talented illustrator to match your amazing writing!

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