Ah-ha Moment

I had an Ah-ha moment today with my oncologist, Dr. Hoyer. Not about my health, which is good. It was triggered by my new ROW shirt. Because of prior conversations, Dr. Hoyer knew about my work with the ROW Foundation. He had been curious enough to visit the ROW website and had watched the founder, Scott Boyer’s video online.


He got the OWP/ROW social enterprise model and loved the concept. That’s why ROW had come to mind when he heard a colleague talk about her uncle in Nigeria. He had to pay $1600 for his monthly oncology drug. The same medication is available here for about $40.

But even in wealthy America, Dr. Hoyer has patients who can’t afford some of the ridiculously expensive medications they need to survive. He wondered if the OWP/ROW model could be replicated with oncology drugs. I told him it could be done easily and effectively.

I’m not sure if OWP will branch into other lines of medication or if people like Dr. Hoyer will take the model and start other social enterprises to address different medical needs. Either way, it was affirming to see someone in the medical profession get what we’re doing and ask if it could be replicated.

It can, and it will.

Because the model is both sustainable and scalable, the sky’s the limit. My friend Paul Regan, president of ROW says, “I believe the OWP/ROW model will allow the ROW Foundation to become the world’s largest funder of projects serving people living with epilepsy.”

I believe he’s right.

And that’s only the beginning!


4 thoughts on “Ah-ha Moment

  1. MIKE HAMEL I just finished reading STUMBLING TOWARD HEAVEN. REMARKABLE U absolutely define the CANCER experience. I had my own experience early in 1999. To say that you learn to live with the big “C” is an understatement. BUT what a life. Once U understand fully that each day is a gift Then you live more fully GOD BLESS YOU and YOURS Judy t

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write, Judy. Congrats on being a survivor. I’ve had two more rounds of cancer and another bone marrow transplant since I wrote the book but I’m still here and in good health. Much to be thankful for.

  2. What an amazingly simple idea with huge rewards for both giver and receiver! I’ve often wondered what life without AEDs would be like day-in and day-out. What work do you do with the ROW Foundation?

    1. Hi Ivanna. I’m a freelance writer and I’ve written for, and about, ROW since their beginning. I’m working on two books that tell the story of this unique social enterprise in detail. Contact me at emtcom@comcast.net if you’d like more info, thanks. What is your interest in the subject, if I may ask?

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